Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's welcome back Tictactoe28!

With a total new style, new model and new edge towards delivering their best to us. Tictactoe28 is back!
Loving the sheer, chiffon-ish material of this top.
Tictactoe - RM42

MG Coupon - Still Available as ever!

The MG Coupon is still up & running all the way till June 2012.
More Participating blogshops included! :D

The first 13 participating blogshops are:

YAY! Visit their blog to check out their collection. Then get the discount coupons from MG. Only RM15 for MG followers.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Long sleeved blouse

Cut-out desidn on the shoulder leaving it slightly bare and skin-showing. Yet it could be easily worn for formal occasions. Recently, i have attended a 'Corporate Grooming Training' provided by my company, and the trainer said that darker colour always give us the professional look. Especially black and grey. I kinda think that in order to make our job environment interesting, we have to dress up in brighter colours to brighten it all up.
Less gloomy and sad. Agree?

Seventh Day - RM42

Cream coloured dresses

Dr. Enchante
- RM37

Vainpod - RM68 

Cream colour is not the easiest colour for us to find for apparels that really suites us. Recently, i had to attend a wedding that goes with the theme: Peach & Cream. Had to do a last minute shopping online and finally when i can't find any item that suites me, i went to Sunway Pyramid's Asian Avenue and hunted the piece below (Sorry did not take any full body shot. :( 

Will continue hunt for more theme reviews! Appreciate all of you blogshop owners' responds! Will need more feedback of your items real soon.
Thank you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bold collar

Very bold! Perfect for a simple babydoll black dress or bare-shoulder dress. You will definitely stand out from a mile away! :)

Chiffon peter pan collar top

Creamy sweet colour tone with long sleeve chiffon material.
JH Love - RM69

Asymmetrical dress

Saw a lot of these in Topshop and cotton on as well. now it's chiffon!

Phat culture - RM69
*Great fit till UK10

Monday, April 23, 2012

layered dress

Have always loving it simple for a simple day. Even to work, it's nice when someone compliments your outfit. No?

Topshop personal shopper event

Ooo la la! we were one of the first to check out Topshop's latest collection launched in Midvalley. Sorry for the late update though. Still juggling with work, weight issues and also personal partying time. :D
How do people juggle all that anyway? Teach me how! Anyway, here's some pictures for you to check out about the event. We were the main manicurist for the night. Free manicure for all VIP guest.
Guess who was there then? All the famous bloggers of course. The event was mainly opened for invited media.

Readers, please continue to send me emails about your event and your updates. If you have something interesting to share with everyone, you're always welcome to email me.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuxedo back - Top

Rose prints with simple sleeveless top but with cut-out tuxedo back. It's time to show off your sexy back!:D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stripped from the complicated

Keep it simple with the dress and emphasize on the accessories! Go chunky with your heels and clutch too. Pair it with a formal blazer and off you go to work too.

Cocktails - RM58

Ruffled top

My selection.
Loving the length of it which easily can matched with a pair of leggings/jeggings.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

3 toned dress

Take it slightly less formal during work but yet presentable.
Cheer someone up in the working environment. People will go: 'nice colour today' or 'love your dress!'.
Nice ei?

What is she wearing?

Thanks for your email babe.
Of course we will feature you. With great offers like this, the shopaholics out there would wanna know! :D
Above, is one of the dresses that they have in store. Check them out!

Cropped top

Pair it with a high-waisted and off you go! :D

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